Topic 4

High performance architectures and compilers


This topic deals with architecture design and compilation for high performance parallel machines.  Instruction-level parallelism and increasingly multi-cores are present in most contemporary processors. The area of interest ranges from large scale parallel machines to general-purpose platforms to specialised hardware designs such as graphic coprocessors or low-power embedded systems.  On the compilation side areas of interest include programming language aspects, program analysis, program transformation systems for optimization of resource utilization, auto-parallelsation, the interaction between compiler and hardware/operating system, runtime systems, and feedback-oriented and adaptive/machine learning compilation.  On the architecture sided the scope of this topic includes parallel computer architectures, processor architecture (architecture and microarchitecture), the impact of emerging microprocessor architectures on parallel computer architectures, innovative memory designs, multi-threading, and the impact of emerging applications on parallel computer architecture design.


  • Compiling for multithreaded/multicore architectures,
  • Compiling for emerging architectures (low-power embedded systems,     Â  reconfigurable hardware, processors in memory, graphics coprocessors),
  • Iterative, dynamic and machine learning based compilation,
  • Static analysis,
  • Program transformation systems,
  • Parallel computer architecture design - ILP and multi-processors,
  • Power-performance efficient designs,
  • Multithreaded and multicore processors,
  • Memory system designs,
  • Application-specific, reconfigurable  and embedded parallel systems.


Global Chair Local Chair
Mike O' Boyle
School of Informatics
Institute for Computing Systems Architecture
King's Buildings Mayfield Road
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
François Bodin
University of Rennes
Rennes, France
Vice Chair Vice Chair
Lucian Vintan
University of Sibiu
Computer Science & Engineering Department
Sibiu, Romania
Jose Gonzalez
Intel Barcelona Research Center
Barcelona, Spain