Topic 14

Mobile and ubiquitous computing


The tremendous advances in wireless networks, mobile computing, sensor networks along with the rapid growth of small, portable and powerful computing devices offers opportunities for pervasive computing and communications. This topic will deal with cutting-edge research in various aspects related to the theory or practice of mobile computing or wireless and mobile networking, including architectures, algorithms, networks, protocols, modeling and performance, applications, services, and data management. The aim is to bring together computer scientists and engineers from academics and industry working in these exciting and emerging area of pervasive computing and communications to share their ideas and results with their peers. Specific topics include, but are not limited to:


  • Architectures, infrastructures & protocols to cope with pervasive computing & mobile communication,
  • Mobile ad hoc, sensor/actuators networks & RFIDs technologies,
  • Security, privacy, and fault-tolerance of mobile/wireless systems,
  • Hybrids systems, integration and interworking of wired and wireless networks, mesh networks,
  • Positioning, tracking, location-aware services and applications,
  • Context aware computing, applications and services for mobile users,
  • Ressource management, interference management, mobility management and data management,
  • Modeling, measurment, metrology and simulation aspects of mobile networks and ubiquitous computing,
  • Experiences in the implementation of parallel computing algorithms in mobile/sensor nodes,
  • Grid support for mobile and ubiquitous computing,
  • Fundamental aspects of mobile computing and wireless networking.


Global Chair Local Chair
Nuno Preguica
Department of Informatics
Faculty of Sciences and Technology
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Lisba, Portugal
Eric Fleury
INSA de Lyon
Lyon, France
Vice Chair Vice Chair
Holger Karl
University of Paderborn
Gerd Kortuem
Computing Department - Infolab21
Lancaster University
Lancaster, United Kingdom
Vice Chair Vice Chair
Carlos Baquero
Departamento de Informática
Universidade do Mínho
Marcelo Dias de Amorim
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI
Vice Chair Vice Chair
Pedro Marron
University of Stuttgart
Vasughi Sundramoorthy
Computing Department
Lancaster University
United Kingdom
Vice Chair Vice Chair
Andreas Willig
Communication Systems Group
Technical University of Berlin
Artur Ziviani
Petrópolis, Brazil