Topic 10

Parallel numerical algorithms


Efficient and robust parallel and distributed algorithms with portable and easy-to-use implementations for the solution of fundamental problems in numerical mathematics are essential components of most parallel software systems for scientific and engineering applications.

This topic provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of new developments in the area of parallel and distributed numerical methods. All aspects of the design and implementation of parallel algorithms will be addressed, ranging from discussion of the ideas on which they are based to analyses of their complexity and performance on current parallel and distributed architectures (including clusters and grids) and to software design and prototyping in scientific computing or simulation software environments.

Methods for the solution of large linear systems are of particular interest because of their widespread occurrence in many fields, particularly in the numerical solution of partial differential equations. However, contributions dealing with new and improved parallel and distributed algorithms for the solution of other problems in numerical linear algebra, linear and nonlinear programming, numerical quadrature, differential equations, fast transforms and nonlinear systems are also welcome.


  • Dense and sparse linear algebra,
  • Partial differential equations,
  • Domain decomposition,
  • Ordinary and differential equations,
  • Differential algebraic equations,
  • Integral equations,
  • Linear and non-linear programming,
  • Nonlinear systems,
  • Transformations (wavelets, FFT),
  • Error analysis and high quality numerical software,
  • Other numerical methods (quadrature, computational kernels,...).


Global Chair Local Chair
Ian Duff
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Michel Dayde
Toulouse, France
Vice Chair Vice Chair
Matthias Bollhoefer
TU Braunschweig
Braunschweig, Germany
Anne Trefethen
Oxford Internet Institute
University of Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom.