Preliminary program

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Slides of keynote speakers:

Sommersby: Transactions are back: but are they the same?
Rachid Guerraoui - EPFL (Switzerland)

Virtualizing the Data Center with Xen
Steve Hand - University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

15mm x 15 mm: the new frontier of parallel computing
André Seznec - IRISA (France)

Wednesday 29th - Invited Talk (10:00 - 11:00)

Session Chair: Anne-Marie Kermarrec

Sommersby: Transactions are back: but are they the same?
Rachid Guerraoui - EPFL (Switzerland)

Wednesday 29th - Invited Talk (11:30 - 12:30)

Session Chair: Anne-Marie Kermarrec

Virtualizing the Data Center with Xen
Steve Hand - University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Wednesday 29th - Technical Session A (14:00 - 16:00)

Theory - Topic 12

Session Chair: Pascal Felber

2D Cutting Stock Problem: a New Parallel Algorithm and Bounds
Coromoto Leon , Gara Miranda , Casiano Rodriguez , Carlos Segura

Periodic Load Balancing on the N-Cycle: Analytical and Experimental Evaluation
Christian Riess , Rolf Wanka

Hirschberg's Algorithm on a GCA and its Parallel Hardware Implementation
Johannes Jendrsczok , Rolf Hoffmann , Joerg Keller

Acyclic preference systems in P2P networks
Anh-Tuan Gai , Dmitri Lebedev , Fabien Mathieu , Fabien de Montgolfier , Julien Reynier , Laurent Viennot

High-Performance - Topic 4

Session Chair: François Bodin

Program Behavior Characterization through Advanced Kernel Recognition
Manuel Arenaz , Juan Touriño , Ramón Doallo

Towards Real-Time Compression of Hyperspectral Images Using Virtex-II FPGAs
Antonio Plaza

Optimizing Chip Multiprocessor Work Distribution using Dynamic Compilation
Jisheng Zhao , Matthew Horsnell , Ian Rogers , Andrew Dinn , Chris Kirkham , Ian Watson

Compositional Approach applied to Loop Specialization
Lamia Djoudi , Jean-Thomas Acquaviva , Denis Barthou

Distributed Systems - Topic 8

Session Chair: Achour Mostefaoui

Accelerate Data Sharing in a Wide-Area Networked File Storage System
Kun Zhang , Hongliang Yu , Jing Zhao , Weimin Zheng

Esodyp+: Prefetching in the Jackal Software DSM
Michael Klemm , Jean Christophe Beyler , Ronny Lampert , Michael Philippsen , Philippe Clauss

Modeling and Validating the Performance of Atomic Broadcast Algorithms in High Latency Networks
Richard Ekwall , André Schiper

A Joint Data and Computation Scheduling Algorithm for the Grid
Fanpeng Dong , Selim Akl

Software Computing - Topic 6

Session Chair: Ramin Yahyapour

Evaluation of a Utility Computing Model Based on the Federation of Grid Infrastructures
Tino Vazquez , Eduardo Huedo , Rubén S. Montero , Ignacio M. Llorente

The Characteristics and Performance of Groups of Jobs in Grids
Alexandru Iosup , Mathieu Jan , Ozan Sonmez , Dick Epema

Vigne: Executing Easily and Efficiently a Wide Range of Distributed Applications in Grids
Emmanuel Jeanvoine , Christine Morin , Daniel Leprince

Are P2P Data-Dissemination Techniques Viable in Today's Data-Intensive Scientific Collaborations?
Samer Al Kiswany , Matei Ripeanu , Adriana Iamnitchi , Sudharshan Vazhkudai

Mobility - Topic 14

Session Chair: Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet

Securing Sensor Reports in Wireless Sensor Networks
Al-Sakib Khan Pathan , Choong Seon Hong

An Algorithm for Dissemination and Retrieval of Information in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Hugo Miranda , Simone Leggio , Luis Rodrigues , Kimmo Raatikainen

Surrendering Autonomy: Can Cooperative Mobility Help?
Ghassen Ben Brahim , Bilal Khan , Ala Al-fuqaha , Mohsen Guizani , Dionysios Kountanis

Wednesday 29th - Technical Session B (16:30 - 18:00)

Theory - Topic 10

Session Chair: Bernard Philippe

An efficient parallel particle tracker for advection-diffusion simulations in heterogeneous porous media
Anthony Beaudoin , Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy , Jocelyne Erhel

A fully scalable parallel algorithm for solving elliptic partial differential equations
Juan A. Acebron , Renato Spigler

Locality Optimized Shared-Memory Implementations of Iterated Runge-Kutta Methods
Matthias Korch , Thomas Rauber

High Performance - Topic 4 - 11

Session Chair: Harald Kosh

Starvation-Free Transactional Memory System
M M Waliullah , Per Stenstrom

DynaPeer: A Dynamic Peer-to-Peer Based Delivery Scheme for VoD Systems
Leandro Coelho , Fernando Cores , Xiao Yuan Yang , Ana Ripoll

An Evaluation of Parallelization Concepts for Baseline-Profile compliant H.264/AVC Decoders
Klaus Schöffmann , Markus Fauster , Oliver Lampl , Laszlo Böszörmenyi

Distributed Systems - Topic 7

Session Chair: Fabrice Le Fessant

Path Query Routing in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks
Nicolas Bonnel , Gildas Ménier , Pierre-François Marteau

Processing Top-k Queries in Distributed Hash Tables
Reza Akbarinia , Esther Pacitti , Patrick Valduriez

A Structured Overlay for Multi-Dimensional Range Queries
Thorsten Schuett , Florian Schintke , Alexander Reinefeld

Software Computing - Topic 2 - 1

Session Chair: Marios Dikaiakos

TAUoverSupermon : Low-Overhead Online Parallel Performance Monitoring
Aroon Nataraj , Matthew Sottile , Alan D. Morris , Allen Malony , Sameer Shende

Practical Differential Profiling
Martin Schulz , Bronis R. de Supinski

Automatic generation of dynamic tuning techniques
Paola Caymes-Scutari , Anna Morajko , Tomas Margalef , Emilio Luque

Wednesday 29th (19:00)

Welcome Cocktail offered by Rennes City Hall

Thursday 30th - Technical Session C (9:00 - 10:30)

Theory - Topic 10

Session Chair: Jocelyne Erhel

Toward Scalable Matrix Multiply on Multithreaded Architectures
Bryan Marker , Field G. Van Zee , Kazushige Goto , Gregorio Quintana-Orti , Robertc A. van de Geijn

Task Scheduling for Parallel Multifrontal Methods
Olivier Beaumont , Abdou Guermouche

Software Computing - Topic 9

Session Chair: George Bosilca

Delayed side-effects ease multi-core programming
Anton Lokhmotov , Alan Mycroft , Andrew Richards

Management in distributed systems: a semi-formal approach
Marco Aldinucci , Marco Danelutto , Peter Kilpatrick

Nested Parallelism in the OMPi OpenMP/C Compiler
Panagiotis E. Hadjidoukas , Vassilios V. Dimakopoulos

Distributed Systems - Topic 7

Session Chair: Dick Epema

Asynchronous Distributed Power Iteration with Gossip-based Normalization
Mark Jelasity , Geoffrey Canright , Kenth Engo-Monsen

Capitalizing on Free Riders in P2P Networks
Yuh-Jzer Joung , Terry Hui-Ye Chiu , Shy Min Chen

Content based publish/subscribe using distributed R-trees
Silvia Bianchi , Pascal Felber , Maria Gradinariu

Software Computing - Topic 6

Session Chair: Rosa M. Badia

Increasing Parallelism for Workflows in the Grid
Jonathan Martí , Jesús Malo , Toni Cortes

Persistent Fault-tolerance for Divide-and-Conquer Applications on the Grid
Gosia Wrzesinska , Ana-Maria Oprescu , Thilo Kielmann , Henri Bal

Adaptable distance-based decision-making support in dynamic cross-grid environment
Julien Gossa

Software Computing - Topic 1

Session Chair: Eric Focht

A Scheduling Toolkit for Multiprocessor-Task Programming with Dependencies
Jörg Dümmler , Raphael Kunis , Gudula Rünger

Makefile::Parallel Dependency Specification Language
Alberto Simões , Rúben Fonseca , José João Almeida

Building Portable Thread Schedulers for Hierarchical Multiprocessors: the BubbleSched Framework
Samuel Thibault , Raymond Namyst , Pierre-André Wacrenier

Thursday 30th - Technical Session D (11:00 - 12:30)

Load balancing - Topic 3

Session Chair: Luc Bougé

Toward Optimizing Latency under Throughput Constraints for Application Workflows on Clusters
Nagavijayalakshmi Vydyanathan , Umit Catalyurek , Tahsin Kurc , Ponnuswamy Sadayappan , Joel Saltz

Load Balancing on an Interactive Multiplayer Game Server
Daniel Cordeiro , Alfredo Goldman , Dilma da Silva

A parallelisable multi-level banded diffusion scheme for computing balanced partitions with smooth boundaries
Francois Pellegrini

Software computing - Topic 1

Session Chair: Christine Morin

A Profiling Tool for Detecting Cache-critical Data Structures
Jie Tao , Tobias Gaugher , Wolgang Karl

On Using Incremental Profiling for the Performance Analysis of Shared Memory Parallel Applications
Karl Fuerlinger , Michael Gerndt , Jack Dongarra

Fine Tuning Algorithmic Skeletons
Denis Caromel , Mario Leyton

Distributed Systems - Topic 5

Session Chair: Patrick Valduriez

A Multi-layer Collaborative Cache for Question Answering
David Dominguez-Sal , Josep Lluis Larriba-Pey , Mihai Surdeanu

Handling Request Variability for QoS-max Measures
Pedro Furtado

A Topology-Aware Approach for Distributed Data Reconciliation in P2P Networks
Manal El Dick , Vidal Martins , Esther Pacitti

Mobility - Topic 14

Session Chair: Nuno Preguica

A Context-Dependent XML Compression Approach to Enable Business Applications on Mobile Devices
Yuri Natchetoi , Huaigu Wu , Gilbert Babin

A Distributed, Leaderless Algorithm for Logical Location Discovery in Specknets
Ryan McNally , D. K. Arvind

Analysis of a Kalman Approach for a Pedestrian Positioning System in Indoor Environments
Edith Pulido Herrera , Ricardo Quirós , Hannes Kaufmann

High-Performance - Topic 13

Session Chair: Thilo Kielmann

Fast and Efficient Total Exchange on Two Clusters
Emmanuel Jeannot , Luiz Angelo Steffenel

Performance Analysis of an Optical Circuit Switched Network for Peta-Scale Systems
Kevin J. Barker , Darren Kerbyson

Network Fault Tolerance in Open MPI
Galen M. Shipman , Rich L. Graham , George Bosilca

Thursday 30th - Best papers Session (14:00 - 15:45)

Session Chair: Luc Bougé

Integrated QoS Provision and Congestion Management for Interconnection Networks
Alejandro Martínez-Vicente , Pedro J. García , Francisco J. Alfaro , José-Luis Sanchez , Jose Flich , Francisco J. Quiles , Jose Duato

Characterizing Result Errors in Internet Desktop Grids
Derrick Kondo , Filipe Araujo , Patricio Domingues , Luis Moura Silva , Gilles Fedak , Franck Cappello

Automatic structure extraction from MPI applications tracefiles
Marc Casas , Rosa Badia , Jesus Labarta

Friday 31st - Technical Session E (8:30 - 10:30)

Mobility - Topic 14

Session Chair: Ciaran Bryce

Performance of MCS Selection for Collaborative Hybrid-ARQ Protocol
Hanjin Lee , Dong Wook Kim , Hyunsoo Yoon

New approaches for Relay selection in IEEE 802.16 Mobile Multi-hop Relay Networks
Deepesh Man Shrestha , Sung-Hee Lee , Sung-Chan Kim , Young-Bae Ko

On the Connectivity of Bluetooth-Based Ad Hoc Networks
Pilu Crescenzi , Carlo Nocentini , Andrea Pietracaprina , Geppino Pucci , Carlo Sandri

Software Computing - Topic 2

Session Chair: Wolfgang Nagel

Decision Trees and MPI Collective Algorithm Selection Problem
Jelena Pjesivac-Grbovic , George Bosilca , Graham E. Fagg , Thara Angskun , Jack J. Dongarra

Profiling of Task-based Applications on Shared Memory Machines: Scalability and Bottlenecks
Ralf Hoffmann , Thomas Rauber

Search Strategies for Automatic Performance Analysis Tools
Michael Gerndt , Edmond Kereku

Distributed Systems - Topic 8

Session Chair: Achour Mostefaoui

Distributed Computation of All Node Replacements of a Minimum Spanning Tree
Paola Flocchini , Toni Mesa Enriquez , Linda Pagli , Giuseppe Prencipe , Nicola Santoro

Locating a Black Hole in an Un-oriented Ring Using Tokens: The Case of Scattered Agents
Stefan Dobrev , Nicolas Santoro , Wei Shi

A Decentralized Solution for Locating Mobile Agents
Paola Flocchini , Ming Xie

On Detecting Termination in the Crash-Recovery Model
Felix Freiling , Matthias Majuntke , Neeraj Mittal

Software Computing - Topic 9

Session Chair: Emmanuel Jeannot

Efficient Parallel Simulation of Large-Scale Neuronal Networks on Clusters of Multiprocessor Computers
Hans E. Plesser , Jochen M. Eppler , Abigail Morrison , Markus Diesmann , Marc-Oliver Gewaltig

MCSTL: The Multi-Core Standard Template Library
Johannes Singler , Peter Sanders , Felix Putze

Library Support for Parallel Sorting in Scientific Computations
Holger Dachsel , Michael Hofmann , Gudula Rünger

Domain-Specific Optimization Strategy for Skeleton Programs
Kento Emoto , Kiminori Matsuzaki , Zhenjiang Hu , Masato Takeichi

Friday 31st - Technical Session F (11:00 - 12:30)

Theory - Topic 3

Session Chair: Thierry Priol

A Framework for Scheduling with Online Availability
Florian Diedrich , Ulrich M. Schwarz

Scheduling File Transfers for Data-Intensive Jobs on Heterogeneous Clusters
Gaurav Khanna , Umit Catalyurek , Tahsin Kurc , Ponnuswamy Sadayappan , Joel Saltz

Cooperation in Multi-Organization Scheduling
Fanny Pascual , Krzysztof Rzadca , Denis Trystram

Software Computing - Topic 2

Session Chair: Wolfgang Nagel

Experiences Understanding Performance in a Commercial Scale-Out Environment
Robert W. Wisniewski , Reza Azimi , Mathieu Desnoyers , Maged M. Michael , Jose Moreira , Doron Shiloach , Livio Soares

Detecting Application Load Imbalance on High End Massively Parallel Systems
Luiz DeRose , Bill Homer , Dean Johnson

A First Step Towards Automatically Building Network Representations
Lionel Eyraud-Dubois , Arnaud Legrand , Martin Quinson , Frédéric Vivien

Distributed Systems - Topic 5

Session Chair: Esther Pacitti

Parallel Nearest Neighbour algorithms for Text Categorization
Reynaldo Gil-García , José Manuel Badía-Contelles , Aurora Pons-Porrata

Efficient Distributed Data Condensation for Nearest Neighbor Classification
Fabrizio Angiulli , Gianluigi Folino

A Search Engine Accepting On-Line Updates
Mauricio Marin , Carolina Bonacic , Graciela Veronica Gil-Costa , Carlos Gomez

Software Computing - Topic 6

Session Chair: Christian Pérez

Negotiation Strategies Considering Opportunity Functions for Grid Scheduling
Jiadao Li , Kwang Mong Sim , Ramin Yahyapour

SymGrid: a Framework for Symbolic Computation on the Grid
Kevin Hammond , Abdallah Al Zain , Gene Cooperman , Dana Petcu , Phil Trinder

Grid Resource Ranking using Low-level Performance Measurements
George Tsouloupas , Marios D. Dikaiakos

Friday 31st - Invited Talk (14:00 - 15:00)

Session Chair: Anne-Marie Kermarrec

15mm x 15 mm: the new frontier of parallel computing
André Seznec - IRISA (France)

Friday 31st - Closing Remarks (15:00 - 15:30)